Getting Rid Of That Nasty Black Mold Around Your Tub In Just 3 Easy Steps

Posted on: 10 May 2015

Unfortunately, the growth of mold on the grout which surrounds your bathtub is actually a very common problem. This is because not only does this area often get exposed to standing water, but it is also protected from direct light most of the time as many people tend to leave their shower curtains and doors closed when the shower is not in use. The good news is, getting rid of this unsightly and potentially hazardous mold can be much easier than you think. In fact, you can even complete this job without the need to spend hours scrubbing and ultimately taking the risk of wearing down your grout. The three simple steps below will allow you to complete this task.

What You Will Need

  • spray bottle filled with warm water
  • cotton swabs
  • cotton coils (these can be found at any beauty supply store)
  • bleach
  • toothbrush (a new, firm brush works best)
  • disposable bowl or pan

Step 1: Soak Cotton Coils And Place Around Tub

Begin by positioning your disposable bowl or pan inside the tub and filling it part way with bleach. By placing the pan inside the tub, you will be able to avoid any bleach dripping onto your bathroom floors while applying it to the mold surrounding your tub.

Next, place several cotton coils in the bleach and allow them to soak for a few minutes. This will give them time to soak up as much bleach as possible.

Finally, unwind the cotton coils and place them over the moldy grout. Using a cotton swab, push the coil into place so that it remains secure over the course of the next few days.

Step 2: Let The Bleach Do Its Job

This step is incredibly easy since there really is nothing for you to do but wait. Over the course of approximately two days, the bleach will be working to kill the mold on your tub. Just be sure to avoid using the shower during this time as you don't want to wash the bleach away.

Step 3: Gently Scrub And Rinse

Begin by removing all of the cotton coils from your grout. At this point, all of the mold should be dead and much of it will come off along with the cotton coils. Using your toothbrush, gently scrub the area to remove any dead mold spores that are left behind. Finally, simply spray the area with plain water in order to rinse away any bleach residue and mold.

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