3 Ways To Change The Look Of A Plain Exterior With Modern Siding Systems

Posted on: 27 May 2015

If you have a home with a plain look to it, you may want to renovate it with a new siding finish. There are systems available today that can provide you with an affordable solution to get any look you want for the exterior of your home. These systems can give you different siding looks, masonry and even contemporary styles for your home. If you want to change the look of your home, here are some of the ways you can do it:

1. Combining Different Vinyl Siding Styles For A Modern Look For Your Home

Vinyl siding can be a great choice for siding on your home. It is very affordable, durable and maintenance free. Newer siding products also come in many different styles. If you want to have a custom look for the siding on your home, you can have the lap siding, shakes and other styles like board-and-batten combined to give your vinyl siding installation a unique look.  If you want to have more energy efficiency for your home, you can also get these vinyl siding products with foam backing to help add more insulation and durability to your home.

2. Using Cement Fiberboard For Custom Siding That Is Durable

Cement fiberboard is another great siding material that is very durable. If you want to have a more conventional type of siding, cement siding products are great. These materials come in all types of siding styles, like lap siding and shakes. They are also installed in the same way as wood siding products, but will not rot or decay. The only maintenance that you will need with cement fiberboard siding is an occasional coat of paint.

3. Siding Veneers To Give You The Exterior Finish You Want To Have

If you want to have a different look for your home with masonry or brick, there are also siding veneers that can be installed. These materials are great to use in combination with other siding materials because most of these systems are meant for homes that have a design with siding. They can be used to replace old siding or for new installations. If you want to have a modern look for your home, some veneers are panels that will give your home more of a contemporary look.

These are some of the ways that you can completely change the look of your home with new siding. If you want to have a new look for the exterior of your home, contact a professional siding contractor like Berkeley Exteriors and ask them about some of these systems.