Creating A Therapeutic Spa In Your Bathroom

Posted on: 28 June 2015

It's a fact that spending time at a spa can be therapeutic. Relaxing massages and other treatments can work wonders for relieving pain and stress. Unfortunately, spas aren't cheap, and the average cost of spending a day at a spa is about $450 or more, depending on which treatments are chosen. Luckily, there is a way to create your own spa-like environment at home by making a few changes to your bathroom. Here are some ideas creating a relaxing at-home oasis:

Install a Jacuzzi tub

Having a Jacuzzi installed in your at-home spa is a good idea, if it fits your budget. Jacuzzis aren't only fun, but they can be very therapeutic, as well. In addition to relieving all types of pain, spending just a few minutes in a Jacuzzi can quickly melt away stress. You will soon realize that the necessary investment to have one installed is well worth every dime. 

Focus on the shower

Since your bathroom spa will lack a professional masseuse, you will need an alternate way to include massage therapy in your spa. You don't have to spend a great deal of money, but you might want to consider having a custom frameless shower door installed. You want your spa to be attractive, and nothing can make it more attractive than contemporary custom frameless shower doors. In addition, a massaging showerhead is an absolute must. Of course this type of showerhead could never replace a professional massage, but as long as you set the water temperature just right, it can perform quite well. 

Stocking your new "spa"

If you don't have the right types of supplies, then you can't possibly create an at-home spa. You will need products for giving yourself facials, performing foot soaks, aromatherapy, and more. All these items can make your spa seem more authentic, so you can derive as much benefit from it as possible. 

Change the decor 

You will definitely want to pay some attention your new spa's decor because the decorations in your at-home spa are just as important as other aspects. First of all, you should choose an attractive yet calming background color like green or blue. Also, you want to ensure that any paintings, shelving and other decor is appropriate for a spa. You might even want to add some plants to contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

There is no reason to exceed your budget by going for regular spa treatments at centers in your neighborhood. By making a few upgrades to your bathroom, you can create an at-home spa that is convenient and useful. Not only can an at-home spa save you money, but it can save you time, as well. You can often save money by buying items like custom shower doors online.