3 Important Facts You Will Want To Know About Black Mold Problems In Your Home

Posted on: 25 April 2016

Mold is a fungus that can quickly take over your home when there is a source of moisture. The problem is identifying serious mold problems, which can be caused by dangerous mold species like black mold. There are many millions of fungus spores around us every day in our environment, but it is the black mold the poses a health risk. This is why it is important to understand mold, how it grows and the dangers of exposure to toxic molds. Here are some of the facts you will want to know about black mold problems in your home:   

1. Mold Is All Around You And Usually Not A Hazard

Mold is a common fungus that can be found in the outside environment around us every day. Many mold species do not event pose a hazard to use with the millions of spores in the air. The mold becomes a hazard when there are toxic species and spores in closed quarters of our homes. Some molds are even good and can help with things like breaking down organic materials in a compost pile outside in your garden. 

2. Toxic Mold Species Can Cause Many Health Risks

Toxic mold species very, but the most well-known are the black molds that you hear about with water damage. These molds can quickly grow and takeover your home with access to moisture and organic materials, like the paper on sheetrock and wood in the framing of walls. The exposure to mold can cause many health problems, such as respiratory problems. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause serious disorders like asthma.

3. Mold Can Quickly Take Over When There Organic Material And A Little Moisture

It does not take a lot for mold to quickly take over your home, and it does not have to be flooded for mold to begin to grow. Mold can start growing with something as simple as a plumbing leak or damage on your roof. As there is plenty of organic material in your home, mold as food to grow and the moisture that it needs to spread. Sometimes, you may not even notice the problem that is slowly consuming your home.   

These are some of the important facts you want to know about black mold problems in the home. Many molds can be a danger and it is best to contact a mold remediation contractor to deal with any serious mold infestation you have.